Two Robots. A game designed for humans.

You may have played card games before. We have too. We couldn't find anything out there quite like this. Our game has just the right mix of speed, strategy, bluffing, and a hint of luck.

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Chemical Robot
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About Two Robots

Stunning artwork and gameplay unlike any other.

Across the barren landscape lay mountains of steel, fields of metal, and vast expanses of damaged robots. Save but for you and a few travelers, the War of the Factions managed to decimate all that was before it. You and a few other travelers are the last remaining survivors. The damaged robots are salvageable, and if you can acquire the correct parts, can be constructed into a new robot.

How To Play

Build Two Robots to win, or just kill each other.

Two Robots is a fast-paced, strategic card game of set collection and player elimination in a far distant future. Players in the game control Salvagers with special abilities attempting to build more robots than their friends. However, robots have a mind of their own. Be the first to eliminate all players or build Two Robots, the choice is yours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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When is the Kickstarter going to launch?

We aim to be live on Kickstarter around Spring 2019. After the Kickstarter has ended, we plan on selling the game directly on this site. Stay tuned for updates by reading our blog!

What about player support? Card count? Is the game even fun?
What is the Storyline of Two Robots?